Marisa Menning

About The Rider – I am a very outgoing 6 year old! I live in Kelso, WA with my Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister. I got my first dirtbike when I was 3. I have developed a love for riding dirtbikes, and decided I wanted to race like my Dad and Brother. After I get out of school I am always riding my dirtbike around our property to practice. I just recently completed a training session with Scott Steffy mx school which has helped me significantly with my cornering, and overall performance. I have recently graduated from my ktm 50sx to a cobra cm 50, and I am now competing in the Amateur class. Other things I love to do in my spare time is ride my bmx bike, play with my friends, and be a kid!CycleGear Racing Road Racer

Name: Marisa Menning

Age: 6

Hometown: Carrolls Washington

Racing Series: TNMX, Red Bull Dirty Dozen, Straddleline, Riverdale, Woodland MX


Marisa is supported by Cycle Gear Vancouver

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