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Fresh Rubber


Push Left, Lean Left, Go…Straight?

Everybody that rides has one weather condition that they dislike more than others. Most of us can agree that a warm summer day is ideal, but from there it seems that peoples opinions change. For some it is rain that ruins the ride, for others it is cold weather. The combination of cold weather and […]

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Tyler through a fast left-hander

Tyler Linders: CVMA Round 1 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

My Dad and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove out to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to get setup for practice. When we arrived, I was amazed; there wasn’t any space to pit. The track was packed. It was an incredible turnout. The Outlaw Racing/ADR team moved some of their equipment to find some space […]

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Daytona Grid

AMA Daytona: Danielle Diaz

Peter Diaz recaps the Daytona experience. Well thanks to Cycle Gear we have a great report to give…our race weekend started out great, after checking into our beach side hotel we decided to turn in for the night leaving the sliding glass door open, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean’s crashing waves and […]

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Sacramento Bike Night

Bike Nights

Bike night s take many forms, but are always focused on one thing… Motorcycles. Long before I started working for Cycle Gear, I met weekly with a group of friends at a local pizza place. The usual suspects would always be there, rain or shine, and we would welcome anyone in that rode, wanted to […]

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Product Review: Fox Instinct Boots

What do you get when you give motocross racing legend Ricky Carmichael and off-road power house Fox three years to develop an off-road motorcycle boot? Why the Fox Racing Instinct Boots of course! The ultimate goal of any high-end boot should be to offer an equally high level of protection without sacrificing comfort and control […]

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Firstgear Warm and Safe Heated Gloves

Long Term Review: Firstgear Warm and Safe Heated Gloves

I live in Northern California, so winter here is often spring-like in comparison to say Northern Wisconsin, but we have our share of below freezing mornings. I am also a short ride away from the Pacific Coast Highway to the west and some very fun mountain roads in the Sierras to the East where even […]

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Long Term Review: Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner

When I first started riding, I thought that heated gear was for sissies and wimps. I layered up until I looked like a famous tire manufacturer’s mascot, and had all of the mobility of…well a guy wearing three too many layers trying to ride a motorbike. I found nothing wrong with this, and figured that was what […]

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Sedici Lorenzo Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Long Term Product Review: Sedici Lorenzo Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Nothing ruins a cross-country trip, commute, or trip to the store like wet feet. I have had pretty good luck with my boot choices, most recently with a pair of the Sedici Lorenzo Waterproof Motorcycle Boots. I have worn these boots almost daily for a little over one and a half Northern California winter seasons […]

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Brand new on the left, two years old on the right.

Long Term Product Review: Sedici Veneto Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Pants

As a year round daily commuter I have gone through many combinations of waterproof gear, usually out of necessity; needing to replace a leaking jacket or pair of pants after a winter season or so. This has not been the case with the Sedici Vento Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Pants. I am in the middle of […]

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Long Term Review: Sedici Napoli Waterproof Textile Jacket

Lifetime Guarantee. Pause for a moment and let those two words sink in. The complete Sedici line-up has a lifetime guarantee, including their waterproof gear, which I find amazing. I typically get about halfway through my second season with a waterproof jacket and find a leak somewhere, whether it is at a seam, a zipper, […]

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